The Auckland Goethe Society Exams

The Auckland Goethe Society annually offers exams for school students in the Auckland region to all interested students at participating schools. The exams have been a mainstay here in Auckland for over 50 years, and we aim to continue them long into the future. Many of those who later form a life-long connection with Germany, at one time found themselves skipping down the stairs in a University of Auckland auditorium to receive their certificate or even award during the prize giving for the Goethe Society exams. So, perhaps it'll be you among them, too?

In the exams, the students are tested on what German language proficiency they have acquired at that point in the four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. While reading, writing and listening comprehension are tested at the schools themselves, usually in late July, the speaking component is done at the University of Auckland on a Saturday in August. There, the students are examined by members of the Auckland Goethe Society committee, many of whom are either native speakers of German or teach German at the University of Auckland or both.

If you'd like to know more about the exams, please ask your local teacher of German, or write an email to the Goethe Society.